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Have you ever had this great idea bubbling in your brain, for weeks, months, or even years?

You tell your friends, family, and even your cat all about it with a wide eyed passion & enthusiasm that leaves you gasping for breath at the end of each sentence. They nod along curiously, wondering what the hell your point is and when the hell the waitress is going to refill their wine glass. Then the subject changes once again, to the job, the boss, and the annoying lady next to you who leaves orange peels on her desk. The mundane, the boring, the not for you. These mundane things are not for you because your passion and creativity are what drives you. Some people just don’t get that.

They see these “hobbies” as a luxury, you see them as oxygen. You weren’t meant to sit in a cubicle all day (and really, who is?).

And although that may be where you’re at now, and it may even be where you need to stay for a while, you know that eventually, you’d rather be creating something. You need to breathe.

We get it. That’s why we’re all here, hanging around The Blog Loft.

No matter where you’re at in your creative endeavors, we’re here to offer community, support, advice, collaborations. Whatever you need, we will have it. And if we don’t, you can request it, and we’ll be listening. Welcome to a conversation about what you do, where people will be just as excited for you as you are! Because we understand what it is to talk to people who just don’t get it. And bless their hearts they do try to be supportive. But sometimes you need that passionate voice saying “I’ve got your back- and you’ve got this!” Because you really are amazing- for trues.

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