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On Fridays I am going to be handing over the mic to our amazing members and sharing posts that I think you will like! If you see a post and like it, please leave some comment love on their blogs! If you have a post that you’d like to submit, I’m collecting them weekly in our Facebook Group! Sign up in the little red box at the end of this post to become a member!


7 Ways to Get Noticed in The Blogging World – by Mommyzoid

I am a list maker and I love crossing things off a list. It doesn’t feel done until I can slash a big line through it.

Making Sense of Websites – by Jess Creatives

Squarespace is like living in an apartment complex…. WordPress is like building a house.


How to Write an Engaging Bio for Your Business and Website – by Simple Smart Business

Your business bio is not just about listing your credentials.  It is an opportunity to engage potential clients by letting them get a feel for who you are and how they can benefit by working with you.


5 Graphic Design Resolutions You Can Make This Year – by Brigette i

…if you don’t have any design related goals, consider crossing out “eat more kale” and add one or two resolutions that nourish your creative self instead.

When Designing Your Own (lovely) Blog Becomes No Fun – by DYOB (design your own blog)

Blog design (like any kind of design) is a funny thing. It is constantly evolving and changing and there’s ALWAYS something new.

A huge shout out to all the Blog Loft members who have contributed amazing resources for us all to grow our blogs! Enjoy your weekend!


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