The problem with saying "I did my best"

In Short? It’s a cop out. It’s the easiest way out ever.

That doesn’t mean that you didn’t do your best. But it is an excuse we give ourselves to stop doing our best. To let the project go, and start working half-assedly on the next thing.

As a creative, when you pour your blood, sweat, tears, heart, soul, & social life into a product, only to receive mediocre results, it can be crushing.

It’s that pesky word did, that keeps you from doing. From doing more.

When you’re creating non-stop and you’re passionate about what you’re creating, it’s easy to lose sight of the work involved in getting it in front of people. For me, that’s the least fun part about creating something. Which is funny, because when I create something I want it to be out in the world, in front of people who might enjoy it. I just hate doing the work. There, I said it.

True Story: Once I decided that I was going to launch a graphics shop on my blog, because I love to draw in Illustrator. I had about 20 Facebook followers, and hardly any blog traffic. I put the shop up on my blog, and after about a week, I took it down, siting “I did my best,” as the easy way out of facing my failure to do more. As an artist, I took it personally that people didn’t flock to my work, and just buy buy buy. What was wrong with them?


There are probably a million little things you never even thought of when you were in the throes of creativity. Whether you’re working on a project now, or have already launched something, I want you to stop, and¬†write down 3 ways you could be doing more to promote it.

Let me know in the comments below: What more could you be doing? (and then go do it!)