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I’ll put it simply. Narrowing down what you blog about or your “niche” (Hold on: sidebar. Anyone else getting sick of that word? Can we just make up a new word for niche right now? How about zestybus? “The top 10 tips to finding your zestybus!” I like it).

Anyways, sometimes by broadening your topics, you are actually alienating people who are interested in your best content. If you find yourself writing more and more filler posts, losing your direction, and losing yourself to the posts you feel obligated to write, I’m going to help you with that today. Cause I’m nice and we’re friends.

I’ve designed this simple 2 page worksheet to help get yourself un-stuck and back on track. No more pictures of your feet telling everyone how much you love green tea, ok? C’mon! Everyone loves green tea. Actually I’m just kidding, I love those pictures.

The purpose of this little homework is to help you quickly narrow down your zestybus (formerly known as your niche) and give you a clear vision for where you want your blog to take you and your readers, without giving you too much time to flip flop from one nice to another. Don’t worry- this worksheet won’t go on your permanent record or anything. If you find that the niche you’ve chosen doesn’t really work for you, or you want to go in another direction, you can always print out another copy and try again!

Finding your niche something that can take time if you’re unsure or if you have a lot of different passions. Sometimes the only way to find your niche is by going through a lot of different topics and finding that you don’t care to write about them. Click below to get your worksheet and work out your niche! And- if you loved it, would you kindly share the love with a tweet?

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