5 Ways I've skyrocketed my blog traffic using Pinterest

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link to a product in this post, and purchase it, I will receive a small commission that goes towards running this awesome blog, and supporting my awesome family!


1. Board Booster – Since I started using Board Booster only two months ago, my Pinterest statistics have drastically changed. I’m getting 20-40 repins per day (when I used to get 5-6). I’m getting new followers everyday. The reason? Board Booster schedules your pins for different times per day, all you have to do is pin like you normally would to boards that board booster creates in your account. What I love about this is that is has brought me more interaction and traffic from Pinterest, but I didn’t have to change anything about the way I use Pinterest! It’s free for the first 100 pins, then you can sign up for a plan (starting at only $5) that suits your needs.

2. Hovering Pin It Button on Images – I use a standard Pinterest logo button that comes with the plugin I’m using, and since I installed this, I’ve seen some huge changes. It really surprised me how well this worked because I usually use the pin it button that I installed in my browser- so I thought everyone else did too. I was so wrong! Since I installed a pin it button to appear when someone hovers over my images, the majority of my traffic now comes from Pinterest!

3. Create Pin-worthy Graphics – I don’t think I would have as much traffic from Pinterest if I hadn’t re-designed my post graphics to be more in line with The Blog Loft’s colors and branding. I use bold text and colors that really stand out, and tried to create headlines that grab attention. Example below:

How to create a portfolio that sells

4. Join Group Boards – Group boards are great for reaching a larger audience on Pinterest. They usually have more followers than your own boards, so more people are seeing, and re-pinning your pins. Check out Pin Groupie to view and join some group boards related to your niche!

5. Change Your Image Titles to what you want people to say about your pin on Pinterest – Whenever I upload an image to WordPress, I always change the image title to something that I think would be interesting (Pinteresting?) and clickable on Pinterest. That way people don’t have to change anything if they just want to quickly pin something from my site. I try to include some keywords, and keep it simple and to the point so that people are more likely to read it.


I hope these 5 Pinterest tips help you grow your Pinterest following- and as a result, your blog traffic! If you think this post could help someone out today- please share it!

And, if you’re reading a bunch of blog posts today about how to grow your blog, I suggest taking some time off from reading about doing, and start implementing all of these steps now if you haven’t already! It shouldn’t take longer than a day to do, and if you can have the same results I’ve had, it is totally worth it. The great thing about growing my traffic through Pinterest is that I really haven’t had to change a whole lot about how I use it, but my blog traffic has skyrocketed because of these few simple things.

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