How I've had success in blogging in 4 months with a small following

It seems like this blog has been around for years already- but in reality, it’s been exactly four months. In just four months I’ve grown this little community to over 200 members, and it is growing more and more every day.

Although The Blog Loft is very young, I’ve actually been blogging for ten years. Through all that time of trial and error, failures, and successes, I did it alone. And I realized something- that was the hardest part: the loneliness. Blogging can be a lonely thing- but it doesn’t have to be!

So I started this blog community for those of you out there who don’t want to blog alone anymore.

For those of you who realize that community is a key aspect of a successful blog, that it’s about a lot more than clicks and page views: it’s about engagement. And since I started The Blog Loft, there hasn’t been a day without a new sign up. There is nothing that encourages me more than the members of this community. Not page views, clicks, or affiliate sales. When you read this blog, interact with other Blog Loft members, and leave your comments, I’m reminded every day why I started this blog- and I hope you know that I appreciate it!

Anyways, enough of the mushy gushy stuff. Here’s the story of how this blog helped me become a featured contributor to one of my favorite blogs: She Owns It.

Here’s how it all went down. In mid- December I saw an opportunity on Twitter to fill out an application to become a featured contributor at She Owns It.   I’ve been following this blog for the past year or so, and have become a total fan girl in the process. What makes She Owns It so unique are the many different voices that are featured on the blog. It’s kind of like a magazine experience, rather than a blog.

So I saw that they needed a contributor, and I applied. There are a lot more bloggers that applied who have more traffic, social media following, and monthly page views than I. I really didn’t think I would make it.

After all, The Blog Loft is only 4 months old, and although this blog has a lot of engagement (meaning that readers come back regularly, comment, and read more than one post at a time) our numbers are still pretty low when you look at the amount of daily page views, and social media stats compared to the bigger blogs out there. (Ahem, by the way, you can follow The Blog Loft on Facebook here! Just throwin that out there).

But I said to myself- you know what? Stop it! Stop comparing yourself to others, stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough, and just fill out the damn application. So I did. I submitted a couple of my best blog posts to go along with them.

And then on January 15th, I opened my email to read the subject line:

“She Owns It Wants You!”

Holy crapoly.

I’m like- a blogger. Like for real. Like someone else thinks that my shit is good enough for their hundreds of thousands of readers! And that’s a really good feeling.

I hope this post inspires you to keep writing what you’re passionate about. To keep putting your voice out there, and to keep working at your blog. It is possible to see results in a short time, even with a small number of page views or followers on social media.

The number one thing I do every time I sit down to write a blog post is I treat it like it is my real job. I treat every post as if it will be read by millions of people, and I believe in myself enough to put it out there.

(psst. If you’re tired of blogging alone- what are you waiting for? Sign up and join the community!)

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