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How to use CoSchedule to schedule social media posts

Have I mentioned that I love CoSchedule? Social media scheduling is something that I consider a necessity now. I started using this social media scheduling tool when I had close to 0 fans or followers, because I wanted to get my posts in front of people on social media.

When I was creating my social media posts in real time (meaning that I was trying to log on to Twitter & Facebook at optimal times throughout the day, every day, tweet & share my posts) I had almost no time to create content, and have a life outside of my blog. I became waaaay to consumed with social media and forgot for a few showerless days that there was a world that existed outside of the internet.

Enter: CoSchedule, the knight in shining armor who rescued me from my self-imposed prison of social media presence.

What is CoSchedule? It’s a social media scheduler, editorial calendar, and regular planner all rolled into one- oh, and it is seamlessly integrated with WordPress! I use Co Schedule to plan out my social media content because they make it so damn easy. If you’re looking for an affordable way to schedule your social media posts so that you can go outside, and you know, like, live your life, CoSchedule is only $10.00 per month per blog.

How to sign up:

Go to and create an account


Add your blog, and social media accountsscreenshot

Go to your Calendar

Start scheduling posts! 2015-02-22 11-35-08


Install the CoSchedule Plugin in WordPress 2015-02-22 11-55-39

If you’re using WordPress, I highly recommend installing the CoSchedule Plugin. Whenever you write a post, there will be options to schedule social media posts along with the post. So if you like writing your posts ahead of time, you can schedule your social media posts along with every post! I’ve found this to be a huge time saver in my writing process. As soon as I finish writing a post, I set a date for it to be scheduled and write out my social media posts to go along with it.

You can also view your CoSchedule Calendar right from the WordPress Dashboard

Here’s a look at my Calendar for February. 2015-02-22 12-00-53

You will see your blog posts on the calendar too. Whenever you schedule a post, it appears on the calendar.

Why use a social media scheduler? I devote a lot of time to creating quality content for The Blog Loft (which I hope you enjoy!). In order to get that content in front of people, I work hard. For $10 a month, I bought back some of my sanity and paid for a system that allowed me to have a social media presence, and a life.

Lastly, what I like about CoSchedule is that once you set it up, there are tons of free training videos that teach about social media strategy, best practices, and cool features that you can use to get the most out of your social media accounts. But you don’t need the videos- their system is really user-friendly and foolproof.

I’m still using social media in real time, but instead of trying to keep up with sharing new posts, recent posts, and old posts, I have that done in a couple hours, and I’m able to move on to actually interacting with my fans. Connection is one of the key elements that makes The Blog Loft community so successful. If I didn’t have CoSchedule, I’d have less time to connect with my followers. I’ve been using it for two of the five months that The Blog Loft has existed and it’s definitely been worth the $10/month investment.


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