Many of my WordPress themes come with a 3 column footer widget area. I use this look a lot because I think it’s professional looking, and gives you a lot of options to add information to the bottom of your blog. Here, in the Urban Black White theme I’ve placed 2 menus, and an Instagram widget into the footer.

Setting up your blog footer is simple. Feel free to add whatever widgets you wish, but if you want your theme to look like the demo, I’ll show you how below!

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets

In this area you will see the Footer Widget areas labeled:

Footer 1

Footer 2

Footer 3 

Footer 1 is the left, Footer 2 is the center, and Footer 3 is the right. In many Blog Loft Themes, I place a menu in Footer area 1 and 3, but you can place whatever you like! (To learn how to create menus in WordPress click here!)

In the center Widget area I usually use an Instagram widget or social media icons.

To learn how to create an Instagram Widget for your blog, click here!

To learn how to place social icons in your sidebars or widget areas, click here!


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