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5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Morning Routine by Lana at The Joy Blog

Happy Monday, everyone! Are you like me? Do you have two alarms set on your phone half an arm’s length away, so you can hit snooze over and over without even waking up

Is My Blog A Business or a Hobby? by Naomi at Mrs. Fancee

But, there are two different ways you can classify your blogging income that will affect the rest of your taxes.

Hashtags & Social Media by Maritza at Maritza Lisa

I’ve been blogging for just over a year now, and I’m still scratching my head at times over hashtags and social media. Let me back up a little. What is a hashtag?

Why I Didn’t Monetize My Blog in The First Year by Kayla of Kayla Holatz

I was able to rebrand freely until I found my niche


The Zen of Working from Home by Lisa at Marketing Creativity

Part of my coaching and writing is to teach creatives better business practices, and an important business practice is to not let others manage your time or energy.

A Tip for Choosing the Best VA for You by Julienne at Julienne Desjardins

You need to hire some help, but you’re not sure how to go about choosing the right virtual assistant for you.

You might be wondering: Will we get along?; will our work styles mesh?; Will they “buy in” to the vision of my business?

A tip for finding the right VA is…

Success Challenge! Making Success a Habit by Tiara at Harpers Block

Yeah, success is pretty sexy. Success is also…pretty frightening. That moment when you decide that you are determined to be successful is exciting and thrilling! Then…you do research. You begin to study the people you see as a success…that inspiration and 5 minute adrenaline rush can quickly become a feeling of overwhelm and defeat.


Ditch The Mullet! 9 Hot Design Trends to Bring Your Blog into 2015! by Marianne of Design Your Own (lovely) Blog

Truth is, our eyes get tired from seeing the same old trends and get thirsty for something new to delight them.

Lens to Web: Simple Web Design for Photographers by Jess at Jess Creatives

This self-paced virtual course (delivered via PDF) will walk you through how to perfect the design of your website, making you look like the professional photographer that you are.

How to Add Web Fonts to Your Blogger Blog in 3 Easy Steps by Carrie at Carrie Loves

I used to discourage clients from using fonts that weren’t already a web font on Google. That is until now, now I have the tools to use any font I want on a site.

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