Free printable editorial calendar!!

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I like to have things around that are pretty to look at while I get things accomplished. There’s something about writing things down, and crossing them off that I’ll never fully get from electronics. If they invented a piece of paper that beeps when you have a Dr’s appointment I’d be the first in line screaming  “Shut up and take my money!”

So I use a pretty editorial calendar for my blog only, and more reliable phone reminders for life stuff that I can’t remember like “drink water” “breath”, and “mom’s birthday”. Yep, I need something that tells me when my own mom’d birthday is. I need beeps to tell me what to do. What is wrong with me?
Free printable calendar via The Blog Loft
Yesterday, my calendar told me to make a calendar for the blog, so I did it! I designed this free printable calendar (blank so you can use any time!) just for you- just because. You’ll notice the pretty floral pattern, accompanied with a couple areas that will help you stay on track with your blog throughout the month.

The social media planning section is my favorite. Sometimes I just fly by the seat of my pants when I use social media. I’ll spend like 5 hours a day on Twitter, then be like “Why haven’t I gotten any engagement on Facebook?” (You can follow The Blog Loft on Facebook by the way. If you don’t see me there, don’t get worried, I’m probably just on Twitter.)

If you like the calendar, you can print out as many as you’d like! But if you like variety, then only print out one, because these will be a monthly freebie here at The Blog Loft. Let me know if you guys like it, and if you’d like to see anything added to next months!


What do you use? Electronic or Paper calendars?

Let me know in the comments!

Free printable editorial calendar via The Blog Loft!

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