How to find a social media strategy that's right for your niche. #blogtips

Oh the internet. Full of information. Whether or not that information is valid, true, or completely bat-shit crazy is up to whoever’s reading it.

When it comes to social media strategy, there’s no shortage of “information”. Whether that information works for you or not is a matter of experimentation and intuition.

I try to offer helpful social media tips for you to use along the way, but the best piece of advice I can give you is to experiment, and figure out what works for you. Be willing to try new things, and don’t give up.

There are a million blogs out there that will tell you that you absolutely have to use their strategy to be successful. To get more traffic, you simply must use this new plugin and of course, click on their affiliate link to buy the pro version.

And while a lot of times those posts are actually very helpful and correct, how do you find the right strategy for you, and your niche?  I’ve bought many plugins based on blog posts I’ve read- and recommended them to you through affiliate links, I’m not discrediting or admonishing those posts.

The problem I have is when people start to tell you what you need to be doing on social media. Yes there are a few basics like “Be Social” (obviously) and “Don’t Use It Purely to Self Promote” (Duh) but there’s no one size fits all approach that’s going to work with every niche because different groups of people use social media differently- which is exactly why there is so much conflicting information about it.

Today’s posts isn’t about the hot new thing I’ve discovered, (although Co-schedule is awesome) it’s about how to cut out the noise and find a strategy that is actually going to work for you.

Social media as a blogger is just… well quite frankly it’s ridiculous.

I just spent three hours of my morning scheduling social media posts for the next two weeks, and that’s just for Facebook & Twitter. If you’re having a hard time trying to keep up with it, then you’re probably doing something right. I really admire people who don’t get overwhelmed by social media.

So, how do you find the right strategy for your niche? I have some tips that don’t involve the hot new plugin or must-have scheduling tool. If this advice seems simplistic- that’s because it is. It’s easy to get wrapped up in reading blog post after blog post about social media strategy, but I’ve found that when I get back to the basics and just start interacting (you know, like socially) on social media, good things happen every time.

  • Know where your audience is likely to hang out. For example: I hang out in a lot of Facebook groups because that’s where my community of bloggers & entrepreneurs are most active. Twitter comes in second, and Instagram third. Knowing where your audience is will save you a lot of time. You won’t be coming up with the newest Google + strategy while all your potential readers are hanging out in Twitter chats.
  • Be Social. You know how you see a friend, like in real life and the first thing you ask each other is something like “How are you?” or “How have you been?” that sort of thing. Don’t talk at people, talk to them.
  • Be Helpful. If someone has a question that you have the answer to, help them out. I spend a lot of time procrastinating networking in Facebook groups answering questions and giving my advice to people. It’s something I like to do, so it comes naturally to me. If it’s not natural for you to pipe into a conversation and offer your two cents- that’s ok too. Feel free to completely skip this step. It’s all about finding what works for you and your voice.
  • Talk like a real person. Just be you. Nuff said.
  • Experiment. Try new things and analyze your results Google Analytics. A little research and planning can go a long way. When you find something that works, find a way to implement that into your routine, and move on to the next experiment.
  • Know what your audience needs or wants, and share more of that. What does your girl want? Business advice? Parenting advice? Does she want to know how to nail that job interview? Share content within your niche from other sources than your own blog. If you’re providing your followers with something interesting, or helpful to them, that’s cool points for you.
  • Use a social media scheduling tool. At around $10 per month, (that’s two trips through the drive through you can skip) a social media scheduling tool will become your best blogging tool. You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can give yourself a huge boost (and re-gain some of your sanity) by scheduling a lot of your social media posts ahead of time. You still need to be present some of the time to interact and engage with your followers. I’m writing this post on a Sunday which is usually the day that I sit down and write content, and schedule social media posts. Knowing that I’ve got the next two weeks of content scheduled gives me time to think about other things and be helpful to my followers.

What strategies are you using on social media that work for your niche? Tell me in the comments below, or sign up below to post in The Blog Loft Facebook group!

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