Learn how you can create your own blog graphics in Photoshop with this tutorial

See the video tutorial at the bottom of this post!

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I’ve just saved myself about 10 hours per week- and I’m going to show you how to do it too. If you’re like me, constantly trying to create beautiful, pin-worthy blog graphics, header images, sales pages, or product listings, you’ll want to check this out.

Using these amazing custom scenes I bought on Creative Market, I’m able to create just about anything. I even designed The Blog Loft’s new landing page using some of the elements from this custom scene!

These custom scenes have saved me hours I would have spent creating blog graphics!


“WTF is a custom scene Margo?”

I’m getting to that, sheesh!

A custom scene is a photograph where each object in the photograph has been isolated into it’s own layer in Photoshop. So instead of trying to stage the perfect scene that will fit in with your text, have the right lighting, and the right props, for a photograph you will only be able to use once- you can simply move things around to fit your design, your vision!

Manipulate any object in this photo to create one of a kind graphics for your blog, sales pages, or product listings! Such a huge timesaver!


You’re free to change up the backgrounds, remove any object you don’t want, rotate them, and even use smart layers to easily paste whatever you want right into the photo- like I did below. I created this graphic for my design blog to show off some recent client work by simply pasting the design into the smart layer- and letting it do the rest. The graphic below was created using the Artist Edition Custom Scene by Román Jusdado.


Move and manipulate any object in this photo to create your own one of a kind graphic!

Designs by Eyesofstyle.com

If you want to learn how you can use these custom scenes for your blog or business, (and help support some crazy talented indie photographers) watch my video, then head over to Creative Market to download your own custom scene! If you want to follow along with the tutorial in the video, you can purchase the scene I used here.

For only 20 dollars, this one scene (Although I’ve bought five already!) has saved me so much time and energy. Unlike stock photos, these scenes can create something different every time you use them, so you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck- and saving hours that could be spent creating great content!

I should also say, that this was my first Youtube video- ever! It was really scary/exciting and I think I will be doing more! If you liked it, and want to see more tutorias like this, subscribe to The Blog Loft Youtube channel!



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