Find a guest posting buddy

This week’s community building challenge is really special- because it kind of hits at the very heart of what The Blog Loft is all about. Bloggers working together, collaborating, and creating community in the blogging world! This week’s challenge is a big one- and I’m going to give you some help.

I will be blasting out an email to all of our subscribers, telling them to hit up The Blog Loft Facebook Group to find their buddy.

If you find someone you’d like to pair up with, great! Visit their blog, comment, and show your support. Then shoot them an email!

Why I love this challenge: I really love it when bloggers come together and collaborate. I also love to read guest posts on other peoples’ blogs. I don’t know why, but I think it shows a sense of community when bloggers allow someone else into their online space. It makes you look more open to others’ ideas, and less “you centric.”

The Benefits of Guest Posting Buddies

  • When you guest post for someone, you have access to a whole new audience.
  • As a guest poster, you already have your host’s seal of approval which = more trust from readers
  • Building guest posting relationships with other bloggers comes in handy during vacations!
  • Collaborating with bloggers on guest posts can lead to bigger, better projects
  • Instead of trying to compete with bloggers in your niche, you are showing solidarity and support- a much more positive vibe!
  • When you set up a mutual guest posting schedule (where each person guest posts for the other) you are both doing the same amount of work, and you are both getting the benefits.
  • Your readers benefit from hearing another voice, and point of view. It’s good to mix it up now and then!

Tips For Finding Your Guest Posting Buddy

  • Reach out to bloggers who have similar traffic/social media stats. as you. This way both bloggers are getting a fair deal when it comes to exposure.
  • Reach out to someone in your niche. The audience that likes/reads similar blogs to yours is more likely to like/read your blog.
  • Make sure to promote your buddy on social media- not just with links to their post, but with links to their blog too!
  • Agree on an approximate word count. That way you don’t have someone writing 500 words for you while you write 2000 words for them. Keep it equal.
  • Do a trial run before you commit to anything. This way you both get to test the waters to see if you are a good fit for regular contributor status!
  • Don’t be monogamous. Hey- it’s ok to have a couple of guest posting partners!
  • If it works for your audience- turn it into a regular series! How fun would it be for your readers if you had a “monthly check in” with so and so. The more you guest post for one another, the more your audiences will grow together.

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