All blogged out?

Today’s guest post is by Clarissa Nicole


Clarissa is the creative guru behind FIVE12 STUDIO, specializing in print/web design and photography. Based in Texas, she blogs to inspire entrepreneurs be themselves and break the rules they’ve obsessed over while drinking sweet tea from Mason jars (how Southern!). Find custom FIVE12 STUDIO prints at Society 6 and Etsy.

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All Blogged Out?

You’re trying in your heart of hearts to come up with something, anything for a blog post.

You have readers to tend to. You have to keep your promise and goal of being an active blogger.

“It will look bad if I have gaps between posts. But I can’t think…of…anything.”

Everything you think of you’ve already written about or it’s already been done.

You’re all blogged out.

It happens. You put so much time and energy in creating, editing, laying out and posting that you’re tired.

So what do you do?

Walk away.

I’m not telling you to quit blogging, unless you want to of course.  But walking away is an option, even it’s just temporary. Since there are no official rules to blogging, you can do it on your own terms. Trying to find inspiration from other places, preferably in life, not on Internet, is the way to go. Putting your mind in a completely different space allows for clarity and inspiration.

Just know, blogger burnout is completely normal and happens probably more than you’d think. Keep that in mind when it happens and don’t beat your.

It’s OK to walk away, to unwind and de-stress—maybe for a short while, maybe for longer. Sometimes that’s the thing you need to get your mind going again.

For how long? That’s up to you. Some people need a weekend–others a week. A month? A year? Go ahead.

My advice (not a rule, I hate rules)  is to take how long you need to recover from the burnout out. Find your inspiration from anywhere. Take notes via app (I love Evernote!) or manually (Target Dollar Spot is a goldmine). Take a mini vacation. Watch your favorite television/movie that has nothing related to do with your blog. Read a book that’s so awfully not good it’s hilarious.

Detoxing is a great thing. We do it after the holidays when we’ve eaten everything but the kitchen table; we can do it after a long stretch of posting too.

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