About The Blog Loft

At The Blog Loft, we’re more than just followers, we’re friends. A tight-knit family of bloggers who want to go beyond the usual tweet or facebook status update to build their networks. Think of us as your blogging support system. Because sometimes, family and friends just don’t get the whole blogging thing, am I right?

Stop pandering for followers who only want to self-promote, and start building loyal connections with real people. Through real communication & collaborations, we can change the value of a follower.

Meet Margo: The creator of The Blog Loft


Hi, I’m Margo! I created this space for us. Creatives who  just want to talk to people who get it. Who understand what it is to be “a blogger”. Ever get that blank stare from your family and friends when you’re trying to describe your blog to them? Yeah, me too.

I believe that real friendships and important connections can be made online.

With people who get what you do. On social media, we miss opportunities to connect with those friends or collaborators. Whether it’s because we’re not logged in at the right time, we’re too caught up in self promotion, writing blog posts, or any of the other hundreds of tasks that go into blogging. The Blog Loft is for all of us.