Why fear is a good sign you'll be good in business

Why is it that we’re always waiting for someone to find out that we’re a fraud? Being in business for yourself can sometimes feel like that bad dream… you know the one where you show up to school with no pants on and everyone’s laughing at you?

The thing about the dream that is so humiliating isn’t the nudity- it’s the vulnerability. You’re naked, and everyone sees you for exactly what you are.

Here’s the naked truth: There’s probably not a successful person who waited until they were ready to start.

I’ve never been ready. I’m still not ready. But I work every day towards my goals of being free from a desk job because I really love working on the internet. I am not a fraud- and neither are you.

So what if this fear of being a fraud, of not being good enough can be turned on it’s ass into a positive thing?

I don’t think you’re a fraud, I think you are someone who desperately wants to offer the world something and make a life for yourself. I think your fear of being a fraud is exactly the thing that will cause you to over-deliver value to your clients, customers, and blog readers time after time.

It is the thing that will keep you on your toes. It is the eagerness to learn something new, to do hours of research. It is the thing that makes you a business owner. It is your driving force of success. Feeling like you’re not good enough? I sat good.

Instead of telling you that you’re a snowflake and that your dreams are all you need to succeed, I’m going to be honest with you. The fear of not being enough, of not being ready, is a powerful weapon that you can use. Work with it instead of trying to fight it off with rainbows and puppies.

Get off of Pinterest, stop dreaming, and do what you are absolutely qualified and good enough to do. Create.

Get out a pen, and start writing down ideas. You are enough right now, and the more you create the better you will get. The more you use the fear of not being good enough as a weapon, the better you will get at creating your voice, your services, your business.

I think one of the reasons online business owners often feel like frauds is that we literally create our own jobs out of thin air, and most of what we offer is intangible. Or at least it seems intangible. We don’t abide by the system that tells us what our skills are, what our tasks will be everyday, and how much we will be paid to work.

We learn new skills, we decide what tasks will make the most out of those skills, and we decide the value of our work based on the results they provide. That’s a lot of responsibility. And it’s always changing.

Starting to see that your overwhelm is normal?

So today I want you to take that fear inside of you and turn it into a positive force. A force that continues to drive you to learn more, and give more to every client or customer.

I think your fear is a sign that you are eager to meet your clients’ needs, and will do what it takes to get there. Don’t let it paralyze you- use it.

So here’s your exercise for today: Sign up in the red box below to join The Blog Loft Facebook Group. Post in the group about why you fear you’re not good enough, and tell us how you’re going to use that fear as a weapon! I can’t wait to see what this amazing group comes up with!

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