3 things preventing people from reading your blog posts! (And how to fix them)

1. Your Font Size Is Too Small (yes, size does matter)

I read a lot of blogs everyday. I love connecting with other bloggers inside, and outside my niche. But I read your blogs on my Macbook air- or sometimes even my iphone. I beg you, as someone who reads on a small screen- increase your font size! The great thing about having a blog is that you can have as many posts and pages as you want! Those posts can take up as much space as they need to. If it hurts my eyes, I’m not reading!

How To Fix It:

Depending on your blogging platform, and the theme you’ve chosen, you may be able to customize your font size through the site’s backend without any code. If it needs to be done with CSS, you can hire a designer, or post in our Get Coding Help forums and see if we can help you!

2. Your Website Isn’t Responsive or Mobile Friendly

On my computer where I read a lot of blog posts, I don’t notice this one as much. But if I’m subscribed to your mailing list, and you send me an email that’s not responsive? I mean, come on! If I click on the link to your website on my phone, and I’m forced to zoom in a 100%?

I’m…I’m just not gonna do it. And that’s a shame because you put a lot of work into your blog posts and email lists, and I’m too lazy to zoom. Sigh.

Research shows that most people are like me. We all have smartphones & tablets for a reason. We like to carry the internet with us at all times, and be entertained at the tap of a finger. People just expect to be able to see your website on any device without having to work for it.

If I haven’t convinced you, check out this article on how responsive design helps people buy your product. 

How To Fix It:

If you just have a regular ol’ blog, then this can be pretty simple. You just want your content to take up almost the entire area so that people can read the words. You want to make sure that your menus look good, and your links work. If you have lots of drop-downs (which I as a web designer wouldn’t recommend anyways) then you might have a problem. Take a look at your site on your phone and/or tablet. If you don’t have to zoom to read it, and the layout looks good, I’d say you’re good.

If you’re just running a blog, you don’t need a full on separate mobile site. Your objective is just to make it easy to read your content. Unfortunately, if your site is not responsive, and you don’t know much about CSS, then you might want to invest in a designer to fix that for you. If you’re comfortable editing your theme’s CSS file, but don’t know where to start, stop by the Get Coding Help forums and we may be able to point you in the right direction!

3. Your Blog Posts are Not Formatted In Any Way, They Are Just Looooonng Blocks of Text

Reading a blog isn’t like reading a book. When I see nothing but a single block of text, my eyes get bored even if what you’ve written is very interesting. I will skim your blog post, looking for the main points (and I won’t find them because everything is hidden within an enormous wall of text) and eventually give up and read something that suits my ADD better.

It’s not you, it’s me.

I’m the typical internet user, here to make your job even harder. As if pouring out brilliance in the form of words week after week wasn’t hard enough?

Yeah, I’m gonna need you to add some formatting for me. Thaaaaanks.

How To Fix It:

Think bold, italics

Line Breaks

Sub- Headings
  • Bulleted lists
  1. Numbered Lists

If you have a particular point you want to highlight, think of how it has an impact standing on it’s own line, or italicized.

Now, I’m definitely not an expert in the blog formatting department, I just know what my eye likes. I look at my blog posts in preview mode many times before I hit publish. I look at how a particular sentence or heading hits the eye and I make decisions based on what makes my eye move through the post and pick out the important information. I can’t give you a single forumla for formatting blog posts because there are many different types of posts. An informational post works really well with lists, and sub-headings highlighting the main points. A personal or style post will not need as many things to break up the monotony, but believe me, it will still need something to keep your readers’ eyes moving down that page. Maybe just a pretty picture every few paragraphs will do the trick. Always put your content first. Write something worth reading, then make it easy to read!

Let me know in the comments below, what prevents you from reading blog posts?

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